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EV3 Compatibility
EV3 Compatibility of devices
EV3 CompatibilityEV3 Compatibility of devices is shown below each device in small icons as in adjacent picture.

All new sensors and controllers shipped from mindsensors are shipped with latest firmware.
Following upgrade is only necessary if you have a sensor purchased before advent of EV3.
Why Upgrade?

Digital (I2C) sensors existed in NXT world; the functionality in NXT however was limited to host requests and device responses from the programs running on NXT brick.

EV3 implements sensor operations through its Linux subsystem (much different from NXT). Our new firmwares take into account nuances of new implementation and are designed to respond efficiently and accurately for those operations.

With new firmwares the sensors will continue to work with NXT brick as well.

EV3 freezing when program is terminated

Some third party sensors cause EV3 to freeze when the
program using that sensor is abruptly terminated.
This firmware upgrade will resolve that problem.
EV3 Compatible Firmware

Follow instructions here to find current firmware version.

If your device has older firmware, you should upgrade it to the latest.
Download the firmware file to your computer (make a note where you downloaded it) and
follow steps here to upgrade the firmware.

Note: Each sensor/controller has different firmware file, DO NOT INTERCHANGE.
Use the file for the specific sensor only.

If you have a question, please send us an e-mail.

Download EV3 compatible firmwares.
Devices that need upgrade
Product NameProduct Code
Vision Subsystem v4 for NXT or EV3NXTCam-v4
Vision Subsystem v3 for NXTNXTCam-v3
GlideWheel-AS - Angle Sensor for NXT or EV3GlideWheel-AS
Sony PlayStation 2 Controller interface for NXT or EV3PSP-Nx-v4
Sony PS2 Controller Interface for NXT or EV3 with Referee Signal Receiver    PSP-Nx-v4-c & PSP-Nx-v4-REF
Digital Pneumatic Pressure Sensor for NXT or EV3PPS58-Nx
Light Sensor ArrayLightSensorArray
High Precision Long Range Infrared distance sensor for NXT or EV3DIST-NxL-v3
High Precision Medium Range Infrared distance sensor for NXT or EV3DIST-NxM-v3
High Precision Short Range Infrared distance sensor for NXT or EV3DIST-NxS-v3
VoltMeter for NXT or EV3NXTVoltMeter
CurrentMeter for NXT or EV3NXTCurrentMeter
Gyro, MultiSensitivity Accelerometer and Compass for NXT or EV3AbsoluteIMU-ACG
MultiSensitivity Accelerometer and Compass for NXT or EV3AbsoluteIMU-AC
Multi-Sensitivity Acceleration Sensor for NXT or EV3AbsoluteIMU-A
Compass for NXT or EV3AbsoluteIMU-C
8 Channel Servo Controller for NXT or EV3NXTServo-v3 & NXTServo-v2
Devices that do not need upgrade
Product NameProduct Code
Dual Range, Triple Zone Infrared Obstacle Detector for NXT or EV3    NXTSumoEyes
Relay Driver for NXT or EV3NXTRelayDriver
GlideWheel PF Motor controller for NXT or EV3GlideWheel-M
GlideWheel PF and RCX Motor controller for NXT or EV3GlideWheel-Mx
Multiplexer for NXT/EV3 MotorsNXTMMX-v2 & NXTMMX
PF Motor controller for NXT or EV3PFMate
Known Issues

The 'Port View' of EV3 brick
The 'Port View' can only show one numeric value, where as most of our sensors return multiple values (e.g. Gyro will return values for X, Y and Z directions).
As a result Port View won't show any meaningful values for our sensors.

EV3 program sometimes locks up
If your program is reading too fast from sensor, EV3 brick gets into a race condition, and the program locks up. As a workaround, introduce a small delay in your program so that the EV3 firmware gets a breather between two reads.

Occasional Read Errors from the sensor
EV3 firmware causes several read errors, especially when your program is reading too fast. Our EV3 blocks are designed to detect such errors (The programming block has a plug indicating data error). You should take appropriate action when such error occurs (such as ignore that reading, and/or slow down your reading speed).
Use LeJOS firmware

If you need high performance and reliable operations with EV3 brick, use the new firmware created by LeJOS.

If you are using LeJOS firmware, you don't need to upgrade the sensor firmware.