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Motor powered Sharp GP2D120 infrared distance sensor interface
Dist sensor interface with GP2D120

This motor powered Sharp GP2D120 infrared distance sensor interface comes with Sharp GP2D120 sensor. Sharp GP2D120 can precisely and reliably read distance from 4cm-30cm. Sharp GP2D120 provides your RCX with capability of measuring distances from an obstacle.

Note that GP2D120 consumes more power than what RCX-active port can supply. Philo had suggested an idea to interface GP2D12 with RCX. His idea involved the concept of storing energy in a capacitor and using it once you have accumulated enough. However that costs speed and processing power. has come up this faster version of our GP2D120 interface due to requests from our customers.

This interface has a Power port, marked as 'P' and a sensor port, marked as 'S' to which you can attach standard lego wires from the bottom or wire with two pin female connector from top. The power port needs to be powerd in either direction in order to activate the sensor, you could also supply it with non-RCX power (i.e. external battery). The 'S' port would plug into any sensor port on RCX, and you can read it like a Light or a Touch sensor. Since the power supplied to this module is stable, it provides superior performance compared to non-powered interface.

This interface module can be attached to GP2D12 or GP2D120.
This interface module will work with NXT as light sensor attached using converter cables supplied with MINDSTORMS Education NXT set. Additionally, you may need external power source.

Using with ROBOLAB
Connect the 'P' port to motor port.
Connect the 'S' port to sensor port.

Write your program such that:
  • Motor Port is on with full power
  • Read from Sensor Port using Light Sensor Block
NQC Program
// Read FAST GP2D120 Sensor output and displays 
// raw value on RCX display (requires RCX 2 firmware)
// Connect Sensor wire to Motor B
// Mount Sensor on Port Sensor A

int value;

task main()
  SetUserDisplay(value,0); // Display "value" on LCD
  OnFwd(OUT_B); // Power Motor B 
  SetSensor(SENSOR_1,SENSOR_LIGHT); // Active mode: 

  until (false)
    value=SENSOR_1; // reads and display value
    Wait(5); // for 50 ms

Technical specifications
  • Power consumption 30mA.
  • Use as a LEGO light sensor.
  • Range: 4cm to 30cm.
  • Can be read once in 35 ms in normal operation mode.
  • Can be read continuously for any amount of time.
  • More sensitive and with more usable range.
  • Works with Active Sensor Multiplexer
  • Works with GP2D12 or GP2D120

For Application notes, data sheet, product details and technical bulletin for Sharp GP2D120, visit following URL:
GP2D120 Technical Information
Caliberation plot:
GP2D120 Calibration Plot

Use this plot to convert RCX reading to distance using GP2D120.
Note: Calibration may have 10% variation from sensor to sensor.
The sensor interface mounted on RCX:
GP2D120 interface on RCX

Photo of this sensor interface mounted on RCX.
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