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Vision Subsystem v4 for NXT or EV3 (NXTCam-v4)

Works With:Works with NXTWorks with EV3Works with ArduinoI2C Bus
Vision Subsystem v4 for NXTThis Vision Subsystem has realtime image processing capability to detect and track line or upto 8 colorful objects.

  • Connects to NXT on a sensor port
  • Connects to computer using USB interface
  • Tracks line or upto 8 objects (with 8 different user defined colors) at 30fps
  • Adjustable lens focus
  • Lens with built in infrared blocking filter
  • Provides realtime tracking statistics to NXT
  • Power consumption: 42 mA (max) at 4.7V
  • PC not needed for autonomous operation on NXT
  • Supported environments: NXT-G, RobotC, LeJOS, NXC, LabVIEW, LVEE

Note: Using NXTCam requires fair amount of programming expertize and analytical skills.

More info on detecting bowling pins used in WRO University Category Game.
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Older Downloads

NXTCam-v2 Documents and Downloads.

NXTCam-v3, NXTCam-v4 Advanced Development Resources.
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This EV3 Robot uses NXTCam-v4 for target detection

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Order NXTCam-v4 and Related Accessories
ImageDescription Price Quantity
Works with NXTWorks with EV3Works with ArduinoI2C Bus
Vision Subsystem v4 for NXT or EV3 (NXTCam-v4) - This vision subsystem connects to NXT or EV3 on a standard sensor port, and tracks upto 8 colored objects. It reports coordinates of each object to Host. Can also be connected to a PC on USB port.  -na-
[Can not add to cart]
Infrared Blocking Lens for NXTCam
* This lens is designed to block Infrared light.
* For use in indoor or natural light setting.
* This is also the factory default lens on NXTCam-v4.
[Can not add to cart]
Infrared Permitting Lens for NXTCam
* This lens is designed to permit Infrared light on to the CMOS chip of NXTCam.
* If you plan to use NXTCam for IR light detection (such as Roboball, IR soccer ball, candle or flame), use this lens for better results.
[Can not add to cart]
Tele-Lens for NXTCam
* To detect small or far objects
* Focal length: 8mm
* Field of view: 38.5 degrees
* With Infrared Filter
* For use in indoor or natural light setting.
[Can not add to cart]
USB Cable with Mini-B connector - This is a standard USB cable (if you don't already have one) with mini-USB connector on one end. Length: 150 cm. (approx 4' 11").  -na-
[Can not add to cart]
I2C Host Cable with NXT Connector - If you are using a host controller other than NXT, this cable can be used to connect NXT Sensors to your controller board.  -na-
[Can not add to cart]
All prices are in US dollars
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